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All residences and businesses in Autauga County must have a 911 address.  Without it, your home or business could not be located easily and quickly in the event of an emergency. Most existing structures currently have an 911 address, but if you are moving to a new home or opening a new business, certain steps need to be followed to ensure that you will be part of the 911 Address system.

  • Autauga County 911 assigns all addresses in the county.

  • The City of Prattville handles addressing within the city limits.

Frequently asked questions


How much does it cost to establish an address?

There is no charge or fee due to 911 for establishing a new physical address.

​Where should I place my mailbox?

Mail and mailboxes are managed by the United States Postal Service. You will need to contact your local post office, based upon the zip code within which you reside.

Can I take my address with me when I move?

Unfortunately, when you vacate a location, you leave the address behind. Addresses are a unique identifier of each location and are sequentially calculated.

Can I choose my own address?

No. If an attempt is made to establish a number on your own without notifying Autauga County 911, there is a great risk that responders will be unable to locate your residence in the event of an emergency. A formal request must be made to Autauga County 911. A new address form must be completed and submitted when moving to a property that does not yet have an established address. A physical address is also necessary in order to establish utilities.

In urban areas, why is the address usually established toward the end of certain processes?

When areas develop, whether they are residential or commercial, there are factors taken into account such as zoning, lot sizes, building codes, and other legal regulations. All of these are reviewed by the necessary local departments to ensure the correct standards are met. Once this is all in place, an area can be certified as ready to receive a number scheme. If an of the aforementioned standards are not met and the area must undergo redesign in order to meet standards, the numbers would need to be modified accordingly. It is for this reason that numbers are withheld until all parties can be sure of the final product of how an area will take shape. This is also to aid in preventing end users of addresses from having to take much effort to update an address throughout multiple records across several different accounts and policies in the event a numerical address needs to be changed.